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Our Story

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Our favourite friends
Something Bready
Lunchy Things
Sweeties darling

Colder months of 2013
Good Mornin' Friends…

Brekkie all day every day – our kitchens close at 3pm

Berocca – original $3,0

Berry 'noice' banana Smoothie; berries, banana + Jocks vanilla ice-cream $7,9

Bloody Mary w/ a 'shot' of organic cucumber vodka + celery salt $13,0

Moet Chandon NV Champagne $18,0 glass or $26,0 for two

Fresh organic "medicinal' Orange juice $4,5

Pick. Me. Up. Please – brioche roll, bacon, our tomato chutney, scrambles, cheddar $5,5

Toast w/ vegemite, jam or organic crunchy peanut butter $6,0

Toasted Noisette fruit bread w/ butter + jam $7,0

House made crumpets w/ ricotta, strawberry + lemon syllabub $9,9

Herb + cheesy toast $9,9 w/ eggplant kasundi $11,9 or w/ bacon $12,9 or both $13,9Croissant w/ bonne maman jam $6,0

Croissant w/ ham off the bone, béchamel, emmental cheese + truss tomato $7,5

Full of Grace organic porridge w/ chia, sunflower seeds, pecans, banana + coconut sugar $13,9

Bircher muesli w/ stewed rhubarb, honey yoghurt + pistachio $10,9'Jack + Jill' – Toasted ciabatta, poached eggs, bacon, 12hr roasted tomato, avocado + thyme buttered mushrooms $19,9

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305 Lygon Street,

Carlton VIC 3053 

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Phone: (03) 9876 5431

Fax: (03) 9876 5432

General Orders : (03) 9347 2801

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